Triptides to play The Shacklewell Arms


Photo cred: Charles Dylan Sizemore

And now we wait. A couple months ago, Triptides promised a new album called Afterglow sometime in 2016. They even teased a few seconds of a song in a video on their Instagram, and it featured all the psychedelic madcappery and guitar solo epicness you could hope for. But since then, the band hasn’t released anymore details. We could be waiting only another month or so, or we could end up waiting until the tail end of December. Triptides can be trusted to churn out quality hypnotic rock, but they can be trusted just as much to mix things up a bit.

One thing we do know is that the band has a whole albums worth of new material, and chances are they’ll be eager to try at least some of it out live. Now that you’re all excited, RSVP here for Triptides show at The Shacklewell Arms on Wednesday 11 May. Listen to the band’s 2013 album Predictions below.