The Lock Tavern Festival Profiles: Lupo


We’ve all been there: the acid you dropped a little while ago is starting to kick in, the world around you is starting to look funky, and you suddenly feel a mix of “oh shit” and “oh yes.” That’s the kind of scene LUPO┬ácaptures on their single “It’s Another Day.” The song starts off with a verse about a trip down a river where the “Water’s like a mirror talking at me / What have I done?”

From the video of a spinning, colourful orange that accompanies the song, to the band members’ long hair and 70s glam garb, it’s definitely fair to call the band overwhelmingly psychedelic. But for those who aren’t interested in simulating or enhancing an acid trip, there’ still plenty to enjoy about Lupo: spacey, ambitious vocals; whirling, strange sounds; and repetitive, reverb drenched guitar hooks. Weirdos of all kinds –acid heads or not– are welcome.

Lupo will play the fourth and final day of The Lock Tavern Festival on Sunday, 27 March (RSVP). You can watch their video for “It’s Another Day” below.