The Coathangers to play Moth Club

The Coathangers
Photo cred: The Coathangers

Ten years into their career, The Coathangers haven’t slowed down even a bit. Listening to what’s been released so far from the Atlanta band’s Nosebleed Weekend, due later this month, it seems that if anything, they’ve revved things up. The trio’s rotating vocals are just as respectively lacerating and husky, and the power chords and drums show no mercy. The band feels rightly established now that they’re five albums in, but their sharpened sound that doesn’t mean that they’ve gotten overly serious. The band still knows how too keep it loose, like when they do stuff like add squeeky toys to the track on the infectious and aptly named “Squeeki Tiki.” It’s a unique ability to make squeeky toys sound badass, but The Coathangers have it down.

The Coathangers play Moth Club on Thursday 5 May (TICKETS). Listen to “Squeeki Tiki” below.