The Lock Tavern Festival Profiles: Sweat


Sweat have had glowing mentions in NME, Line Of Best Fit, and DIY Magazine despite only having released two songs, which I guess technically qualifies them as a hype band. But listing to their music, it’s hard to see all that as just unqualified bullshit. Their songs about sleep fucking and drunken seductions stand out from the masses of dance music currently available for their shadowy, moody electronics. Sweat’s music is as inviting as it is dark, and, perhaps due to its rapey subject matter, a little creepy. It draws you into some kind of dark, dingy, and smoke filled club where everyone’s dancing with hypnotic intention.

A-side “Be Complete” starts out with a satisfying, infectious dance hook and quivering vocals. But that’s not enough; from there, it only builds. The electric guitars take over, the beat amps up, and there’s even a psychedelic keys interlude that all gets piled up only to get abruptly cut off. B-side “Tambourine,” is equally as epic and haunting, sultry and strange. If hype bothers you, that’s your problem, because Sweat are an undeniably dynamic band.

You can catch Sweat at The Lock Tavern Festival on Thursday, 24 March (RSVP). Listen to “Be Complete” below.