Skinny Girl Diet Lock Tavern Playlist

Skinny Girl Diet

By the end of Skinny Girl Diet’s recent video for “Silver Spoons,” the patented leather clad trio have taken down four men, hypnotized one, and chased off another. In the video, they play pro-women vigilantes who show up and take charge whenever a woman finds herself surrounded by a male bicycle gang or frisked by an aggressively touchy policeman. In their high heels and tight all black, the band are unapologetic feminine and unapologetically feminist.

“Silver Spoons” is the second track on Skinny Girl Diet’s most recent release, Reclaim Your Life. It’s only three songs, and their other release is also a relatively short EP. But their small catalog has already had a big impact –so much so that Viv Albertine’s an avowed fan and Vice has labeled them “our generation’s Bikini Kill.”

Their music is like their street tactics in the “Silver Spoons” video: rough, to the point, and unforgiving. Given that the swaggering thrasher “Silver Spoons” is sandwiched by the self-deprecating “Fix Me” and the bonafide banshee scream on “Wasted Smile,” Reclaim Your Life packs in a lot in ten and a half minutes.

You can see Skinny Girl Diet on Saturday, 26 March for day three of this year’s Lock Tavern Festival (RSVP). In the mean time, here’s the video for “Silver Spoons”:

Also for your listening enjoyment, the band have curated a playlist of some of their favorites. Check it out below.

Big Mama Thornton – Let’s Go Get Stoned

Kleenex – Hedi’s Head

The Slits –  Improperly Dressed

The Germs – Media Blitz

The Zeros – Don’t Push Me Around

The Whyte Boots – Nightmare

White Fang –  Wrecked

Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People 

Folk Implosion – Waltzin With Your Ego

Fang – Enjoy the View

Ty Segall – Candy Scum