Shallow Sanction To Play Live At The Waiting Room

Shallow Sanction

Who knows what it is about getting masses of noise hurled at you. More importantly, who cares, because it’s really fucking satisfying. If you get nothing else out of a SHALLOW SANCTION show, it will be noise. Their music is anxious and angsty –kind of like a sludgy version of Pissed Jeans. They only have a two song EP to their name, but the likes of Vice and Brooklyn Vegan are already catching on to the London based band.

If for some reason that still doesn’t sound like enough noise, they’ll be supported by the hazy punk of The Agnes Circle and the dungeon party electronics of Nothing. Existed. “Dense” doesn’t even begin to explain the amount of sound that’ll go down at this show.

The band headline at The Waiting Room on Tuesday 1 March.