Root Of It All: The Gooch Palms


Ever since moving from the suburbs of their post-industrial hometown of Newcastle to sunny Los Angeles last year, Leroy and Kat of party-starters THE GOOCH PALMS have been on a roll. With multiple shows across the U.S, Europe and Australia as well as setting up their own label Summer Camp Records earlier this year in June, the duo have come a long way since the days of their lo-fi bedroom recordings to working with renowned producer Bill Skibbe (The Kills, The Black Keys, Protomartyr) on their latest LP Introverted Extroverts which was met with rave reviews.

Ahead of their show at The Shacklewell Arms next week, we spoke to Leroy about some of the elements that have influenced their music throughout the years and we got answers ranging from Beavis & Butthead to Kiss. Check it out below!

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Words From Leroy

Album: Silverchair – Frogstomp

I grew up across the road from Ben Gillies, the drummer of Silverchair. When I was a little kid he gave me his old symbols for my drum kit and that’s when I knew I wanted to be in a band. When they released Frogstomp it literally changed my life. And I’ve played music ever since. It was awesome to see a band from my hometown make it so big.


Sports: Newcastle Knights

Our local Rugby League team, the Newy Knights are the epitome of true Aussie underdogs. They don’t win very often but the whole city still gets behind them which I think is awesome. We definitely identify with the whole underdog thing. We’re always up against it but that’s what makes us who we are!


Band: XTC

My dad worked with Terry Chambers, the drummer of XTC on the Newcastle City Council up until very recently. He was a HUGE inspiration to me growing up. I love XTC and all his amazing stories from back in the day. Their music has been a big influence on me in many ways. But it definitely comes through a bit in the Gooch Palms songs.


TV: Beavis & Butthead

This show really spoke to me and still does! I laugh at stupid stuff all the time and am extremely immature so I can definitely see myself in both of them. The whole music connection too. I love all the same bands as them and LOVE shitty gas station nachos. I am also good (bad) at making annoying commentary on everything!!! Haha it feels weird talking about fictional characters that way but it’s true! We are kindred spirits!

Band: KISS

These guys are definitely not the best band musically in the world but they more than make up for it with everything else. We’ve seen them live and it was the best thing I’ve ever seen. We take a lot from them when it comes to interaction with our audiences and making it more about the show and experience than just standing there playing songs. But their songs are also kick-ass! My favourite song is Sure Know Something!!! Kiss Army for life!