Root Of It All: Froth


L.A fourpiece FROTH return to London for a headline show at Moth Club on Monday 21 November.

Fresh from the recent signing to Witchita Recordings, the band are set to release third album Outside (briefly) on Friday 10 February 2017. Shoegaze tinted lead single ‘Contact’ suggests an expansion on sophomore album Bleak’s woozy aesthetic and if that’s the case, we’re in for a real treat.

In anticipation of the new LP and ahead of the MOTH show, JooJoo Ashworth (guitar / vocals) shared some of the influences behind the record from the world of film, art and music.

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Book: Richard Brautigan – The Abortion

Chapter 2 from Book 3 is where we got the name for our album (Outside (briefly)). Also the song “Show a Flower a Candle and it will Grow” is about a separate part of the book. He was always and still is my favorite writer so when I don’t have any good ideas I just rip him off.

Film: Gregg Araki – Mysterious Skin

I think it might be a little cliche to play kind of “shoegaze” music and cite a Gregg Araki as an influence, but the way the music compliments the movie. It’s just too good not to admit how good it is. His films are always featured on the treatments for our music videos.

Track: Brian Eno – On Some Faraway Beach

I was probably a little late on discovering Brian Eno’s music. We had already put an album out before I ever really sat down and listened to his records, but since I heard this song, I just want to write music that makes me feel the same way.

Album: Elliott Smith – Either/Or

It’s probably pretty apparent that this was a pretty big influence for this record, but for me, this album sounds pretty good anywhere, in any mood. A lot of people don’t realize how intricate his guitar playing is until attempting to cover it. Also I’m still 21 so I have plenty of angst and emo in me to listen to him any time.

Person: Haruki Murakami

He’s probably the most consistent and prolific person I can think of. Everything I’ve read from him ends up being one of my favourites and they always go by so fast. I’m not sure how autobiographical he is, but I sometimes feel like the Japanese teenagers he writes about.