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Nobody likes mornings, especially Monday mornings, which are-without a doubt, the most brutal little buggers. As June in London continues to be a bit of a miserable little so-and-so, and any glimmer of summer fades, there is an absolute need to find a method to ease into life, grasping memories of who you’re meant to be, normally whilst standing on a train with a strangers smelly armpit in your face. Any respite from this dizzying mess is treasured, and that is exactly the effect of having the mesmerising sounds of Julianna Barwick transported into your ears. 

The healing powers of her music might possibly be akin to certain prescribed drugs (although I’m no doctor). Nevertheless, I’ll welcome with open arms new material from Julianna Barwick. Nepenthe is the title of the follow-up to her stunning debut LP, The Magic Place, due for release this coming August. The titles are very fitting: The Magic Place being the mental space where the sounds take you, and Nepenthe: described as a “medicine for sorrow”. These are crystalline listening experiences allows for space to think about anything or nothing, and maybe just help merge that awkward space between the dreams of last night and the reality of a cold, sharp morning.

The new Julianna Barwick single is available to stream below, if you’re in need of an immediate remedy. Also below is live footage of her recent performance as part of Yoko Ono’s Meltdown programme of events, which took place at the Southbank Center’s Purcell Room.