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  • Teen Creeps Weekender at The Lock Tavern


    The Lock Tavern is prepared to saturate you with mass amounts of indie rock courtesy of Teen Creeps. They’ll be serving the genre in all its forms: from the easy going and irreverent rock of headliners Mozes & The Firstborn, to the jangly, Smiths-era stuff of Swerve, to the dark punk of USA Nails, all your needs will […]

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  • Triptides to play The Shacklewell Arms


    Photo cred: Charles Dylan Sizemore And now we wait. A couple months ago, Triptides promised a new album called Afterglow sometime in 2016. They even teased a few seconds of a song in a video on their Instagram, and it featured all the psychedelic madcappery and guitar solo epicness you could hope for. But since then, […]

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  • The Coathangers to play Moth Club

    Photo cred: The Coathangers Ten years into their career, The Coathangers haven’t slowed down even a bit. Listening to what’s been released so far from the Atlanta band’s Nosebleed Weekend, due later this month, it seems that if anything, they’ve revved things up. The trio’s rotating vocals are just as respectively lacerating and husky, and the power chords and drums […]

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  • Novella to play Moth Club


    Photo cred: Sam Hiscox When Novella’s Land was released last year, there was one practically unanimous complaint, but it didn’t have anything to do with the music. People were just pissed it took so long for a follow up to their last full-length. On one hand, it’s easy to sympathize with the frustration: the London quintet’s blend of shoegaze and […]

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  • Playlist: Coming Up In April


    New month, new gigs. We’ve put together a little playlist combining all of our favourite tunes of the bands that will play one of our venues this April.  So have a quick listen, see what you like and we hope to see you there! mothclub.co.uk shacklewellarms.com waitingroomn16.com lock-tavern.com

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  • Interview: Lust For Youth

    08 copy 2

    LUST FOR YOUTH are a three piece from Copenhagen made up of Hannes Norrvide, Malthe Fischer & Loke Rahbek but it hasn’t always been that way. Prior to becoming a fully fledged three-piece, Hannes’ solo work took on a synth driven, industrial post-punk edge. Since then, while those factors remain at the underpinning of LFY’s sound, […]

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  • Ulrika Spacek to play The Waiting Room

    Ulrika Spacek - photo

    Ulrika Spacek’s music is a combination assault on the senses and lulling, meditative fuzz. They’ve had My Bloody Valentine and krautrock comparisons aplenty due to their compressed sound, repetitive guitars, and infinite growling drone. Rhys Edwards and Rhys Williams have been friends for 14+ years, but it wasn’t until last year that the Berliners decided […]

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  • Big Girls to play The Waiting Room

    big girls

    Here’s a fun game: see if you can listen to a Big Girls song and not get it stuck in your head. You will most definitely lose. But the good news is Big Girls songs are the kind you want stuck in your head. They make easy going guitar pop with tambourine/handclap accented beats and a […]

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  • Just Announced: Paws Album Release Show

    Paws PRess Shot

    PAWS will headline at MOTH CLUB on Saturday 2 July to mark the release of their third album ‘No Grace’ on FatCat Records. The Scottish trio’s reputation for punk ethos, heavy hooks and sharp songwriting has grown exponentially over the past several years of intense and extensive touring. Having shared stages with heroes and heavyweights as well […]