Novella to play Moth Club


Photo cred: Sam Hiscox

When Novella’s Land was released last year, there was one practically unanimous complaint, but it didn’t have anything to do with the music. People were just pissed it took so long for a follow up to their last full-length. On one hand, it’s easy to sympathize with the frustration: the London quintet’s blend of shoegaze and nostalgic psychedelia is pretty addictive. Still, now that they’ve gotten around to releasing Land, it seems fitting that the band takes their time with their music. Each song slowly and meticulously unfolds, capped by far out vocals and swirling guitar solos. The songs may take their time, but that doesn’t hinder their ability to go places. So if their next album takes another couple years to work out, at least we now know to it’s a good sign.

Novella will play a free show at Moth Club this Wednesday (RSVP). Listen to “Sentences” off of Land below.