The Lock Tavern Festival Profiles: Peaness

peaness band

PEANESS’S music may sound upbeat, but that doesn’t mean that the band is all smiles and complacency. Alongside the surfy guitars, bouncy bass lines, handclaps, and harmonies, Peaness’s EP No Fun is packed with the band’s biting sense of humor and unrest. On “Fortune Favours The Bold,” they sing “I’m not happy to grow old in the bed that we’ve made,” and breezily harmonize “These crones and these morons inject us with boredom” on the easy going “No-one.” On their single “Oh George,” due next month, the Chester band have specified their target audience as those who “dislike recent government happenings.”

In that way, Peaness is the best of both worlds. You can listen hard and get some sympathy for your angst, or just cheerily singalong to the choruses because they’re all so damn catchy. Also on the list of things to deeply appreciate about Peaness: their name is fucking hilarious.

Peaness will play day one of The Lock Tavern Festival on Thursday, 24 March (RSVP). Listen to No Fun below.