Interview: Lust For Youth

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LUST FOR YOUTH¬†are a three piece from Copenhagen made up of Hannes Norrvide, Malthe Fischer & Loke Rahbek but it hasn’t always been that way. Prior to becoming a fully fledged three-piece, Hannes’ solo work took on a synth driven, industrial post-punk edge. Since then, while those factors remain at the underpinning of LFY’s sound, the expansion of the group has led to an unfurling.

Their latest Sacred Bones release, Compassion, continues in the same vein as their International juncture, the moment where the band headed into the direction of shimmering new wave pop anthems, now capturing club ready drum patterns reminiscent of acid house era dance music.

The band headline MOTH CLUB later this month and we caught up with Hannes and Malthe ahead of the show.

LNZRT: How does it feel to be five albums in? Was there anything you consciously tried to do differently this time?

Hannes: using more expensive gear, we wanted it to sound like money.

A lot of blogs and whatnot have been calling Compassion album your poppiest album. Do you see it that way/was that something you were going for?

Malthe: We might have had certain ideas to begin with but usually things change shape quite fast and we really just go along. Often a mistake turns out to be more appealing than what you aimed for in the first place.

What’s the band’s creative process like? Does the idea for a song start with the lyrics or the music?

M: Music comes first.

Compassion seems way less lo-fi and compressed than your other albums. Was that intentional or just a natural progression of your sound?

M: Natural progression / mistakes.

Hannes once said in an interview that writing the lyrics in English as supposed to Swedish allows from some distance with the lyrics. Are the lyrics personal, or do you write from the point of view of a persona?

M: Since Loke and I joined LFY everything has been a collective effort. This isn’t a traditional band. We all write lyrics and make the music together and the point of view is changing from song to song.. Not once has any of us brought a song to the studio. I consider the lyrics on ‘Compassion’ more compelling than the ones on ‘International’.. for the most part I don’t know the lyrics to the older songs.

I’ve heard you guys say that you thought of Perfect View as like a movie soundtrack. Do you think of all your albums that way? What kind of movie would Compassion be the soundtrack to?

H: Yes. It would be to a movie about Laika, but in the end Laika doesn’t die. Lindsay Lohan would play Laika.

If you could play a gig in any space that’s not a venue, where would it be?

M: Ibiza.

Lust For Youth play live at MOTH CLUB on Friday 22 April for Snap, Crackle & Pop. Tickets available via DICE.