Big Girls to play The Waiting Room

big girls

Here’s a fun game: see if you can listen to a Big Girls song and not get it stuck in your head. You will most definitely lose. But the good news is Big Girls songs are the kind you want stuck in your head. They make easy going guitar pop with tambourine/handclap accented beats and a bit of a Sonny & The Sunsets vibe that is nothing if not feel good. Put another way, their music is best suited for dancing in the park while super stoned.

For internet centric music listeners, you’re a bit out of luck –the band doesn’t post much online. As such, it’s all the more essential to catch them live. The Waiting Room has you covered: Big Girls will stop by for a free show on 6 April (INFO). You can listen to “Oh Momoko!” and “split lips salty water” below.