Avante Black to play live at The Waiting Room

Avante black


Avante black
Avante Black

Avante Black’s brand of self-declared shoegaze is actually kind of soulful. That’s mainly due to front woman Ottilia Kjulsten’s voice, which can’t seem to hide quietly behind the music like most shoegaze vocals do. Dreamy as Avante Black can be, Kjusten (who you might recognize from her solo work under Ottilia) thankfully doesn’t turn down the slight rasp in her voice to blend into Avante Black’s wall of sound.

The London band has yet to release a debut and only have a few of their songs posted online, so at this point if you want to hear them, you gotta do it live. You can check them out on 9 February at The Waiting Room and celebrate the launch of their video for their airy single “Imaginary Love.”

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