Recommended: Applied Music Vol.1 – Science & Nature, by Cafe Kaput

Cafe Kaput Applied Music Vol.1 - Science & Nature, by Cafe Kaput

New from Cafe Kaput! Yes, the news of an incoming release from Jon Brookes is always an exciting prospect. As a man of impeccable taste (who else would create “Music For Dieter Rams”) and inspired creative vision, it’s no surprise to see this latest release is as intriguing as ever.

“Applied Music Vol.1 – Science & Nature” continues to see Cafe Kaput write it’s story using analogue electronic melodies and tape loops we love them for.

From Cafe Kaput:

Concise, succinct and targeted material specially produced for the broadcast, refreshment and entertainment industries. Melody, rhythm and metre. New ways to travel. Applied Music Vol.1 is the first in an occasional series of library-style albums from Café Kaput. Applied Music albums are organised into thematic selections and feature tracks chosen for their immediacy, simplicity of arrangement and distilled sense of mood.

Vol.1 – Science & Nature explores our relationship with environments, travel and industry, among other topics.

Available now on the Cafe Kaput Bandcamp page.