A Q&A With together PANGEA

together pangea

together pangea

California’s Together PANGEA is returning to England, playing a show at Moth Club on the 5th of February. The band is known for their explosive live shows, and they will bring their friends of Mozes and The Firstborn and FLESH as support.

We’ve asked the band to compose a playlist and we’ve spoken with them about their new record, live gigs and blood licking.

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LANZ: You’ve said you’ve already got around 7 songs ready to go for the new record. Any hints on that, what will the new record by like? Are we up for something new or in line of Badillac or The Phage?
TP: It’s definitely a new vibe, but it’s still us. I feel like these are the strongest songs we’ve written thus far. William bought a chorus pedal. I feel like it’s real far from Badillac, but somewhere between our first cassette release Jelly Jam and The Phage. We will be playing a couple of the new tracks at the UK shows.

LANZ: Do you always write your songs when you’re in California?
TP: A lot of them yes, though there are certainly some that were written in other places.

LANZ: How does working on songs somewhere else influence your music? Is there a difference between the California-written-music and the elsewhere-music?
TP: We are all CA born n’ bread, you can take the boy outta California but you can’t take the California outta the boy. I think you can write a song anywhere and the setting is bound to influence what you end up putting on the record.

LANZ: You tour a lot, is it still as exciting as it used to be?
TP: It’s always exciting, even if it’s exhausting. Especially when you get to tour with your good friends like Mozes and the Firstborn.

LANZ: What is the weirdest thing that ever happened at one of your shows?
TP: A microphone hit Danny in the forehead in Salt Lake City and cracked his face open, then a kid in the front row licked the blood off his forehead.

LANZ: You’re seen as a party band, what do you consider to be the best party-age and why?
TP: Partying is an all ages affair, because the party is in your heart and mind.

LANZ: What is your guilty pleasure and in what way does it inspire you?
TP: Doing work under houses. The dirt is world.

LANZ: If you were to organise your own festival, what would it be called and what would the line-up be?
TP: It would be a field of artist trailers with all our favourite bands hanging out, but not playing any music at all.

Thank you!