A Q&A With Oscar


Enigmatic London-based songwriter Oscar Scheller takes to the MOTH Club stage on Wednesday, November 11th in a show we’re putting on with Wonderland Magazine.

Lanzarote was lucky enough to have a chance to run a few questions by the dynamic up-and-comer during a brief respite from his busy touring schedule.

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Oscar’s answers are here in full.

LANZ: How is the tour coming? Anything to report?

OSCAR: America was craziness. Non stop. It’s been going well so far. I signed three pairs of boobs. We had a day off in Amsterdam so you can imagine what we got up to there!

LANZ: In scouring your press, you’re described as everything from “laptop boy” to “one man band” to “guitar pop musician.” Do you think the relative newness of what is often called “bedroom pop” makes your sound difficult to define?

OSCAR: I think because I jump around in style and have quite diverse influences, it can be hard to describe the music well to other people. I would describe the writing as pop but the production a bit more left field. There’s sampling too so that would be the ‘laptop boy bit’.

LANZ: How do you find playing live helps your music develop? Or does it?

OSCAR: It helps you understand rhythm, pace and atmosphere. You can see what the crowd reacts to best and then try to bear that in mind when writing new songs. Because being a musician these days requires touring a lot, it’s important to have fun on stage and make people move too!

LANZ: Tell me about a song that makes you happy, and the first time you heard it. 

OSCAR: Generationals – ‘Lucky Numbers’

It just has a really uplifting melody and chord progression and overall mood. It also has a great synth sollo! I first heard it about three years ago when it played after a song on Soundcloud by chance. And then I had it on repeat that whole summer.

LANZ: You were brought up in London — how important do you feel it is to your sound an your development as an artist?

OSCAR: I think my upbringing in the city has definitely helped shape my output. The mashup of genres and different influences reflects the multicultural space that I live and create in. I think the music sounds like it was made where I live. London is hardcore too, so you just learn to get shit done. If you don’t, someone else will.

LANZ: You’ve got a debut album in the works– anything you can tell us about it?

OSCAR: It was half done in the studio and half done at home. Each track is different from each other but still connected. I’m really happy with how it sounds and hope people enjoy it and really live and love with it.